Holzmesse Fair in Klagenfurt

Monday, 01 September 2014

HOLZMESSE FAIR IN KLAGENFURT ATTRACTS WOOD MANUFACTURERS FROM CROATIA In cooperation with its partner company, Centre for Development and Marketing, who is also the representative of the Klagenfurt fair, Croatian Wood Cluster has organized a presentation of the fair Holzmesse in Croatia, as well as the visits and participation of the interested companies. Holzmesse is a leading international trade fair of

On Auguste 27th 2014 in Zagreb was organized the Conference on Private Forests, which brought together more than 150 participants. Participants of this leading international Conference urged the Government for greater promotion of sustainable forestmanagement. Most of the participants are not satisfied with a very bad situation in this sector, and many highlited the lack of support by the

Xylexpo Fair in Milan is an important meeting place for wood processors in South East Europe, where companies get information about technological innovations and market trends in mechanical engineering and wood processing technology. The only similar place, in the opinion of cluster members, is Ligna fair in Hannover. Over 30 wood processing companies participated in this study visit to Milan,

Here are the following proposals of measures that the Croatian Wood Cluster has repeatedly emphasized: 1. Substitution of vertical supports by new programs intended for the wood industry; It is necessary to implement special programs for the wood industry: Energy effi ciency of wooden products / windows and pellets as a means of incentives; Support for the timber industry