Message from the Executive Secretary

Sonja Istvanic
Executive Secretary
[email protected]

Communication with members is important

As executive secretary of the Cluster, we communicate on daily basis with companies-members, on our or their initiative. The range of topics is various, from specific problems to proposals for new projects. Members contact us in order to find solutions for their problems, but they also often propose initiatives for the improvement of the whole sector.

Croatian Wood Cluster regularly organizes meetings with members (annually between eight to ten meetings of the Executive Board) in order to sicuss current issues and problems, such as the raw materials issues, technological innovations, cooperation with agencies and institutions etc. On that occasion, strategic decisions about the positioning of the sector in the national economy are made as well as participation in fairs etc. Each meeting of the members, visit to international fairs, study visits, bilateral contacts, meetings with representatives of institutions, are accompanied with reports and proposals for further action. With such thorough approach and confidence of members in Secretariat and their associates who administer the whole activities in Croatian Wood Cluster, the Cluster achieves its basic functions.

Through our regular activities related to individual companies, institutions, the media, the experts and others, we aim to improve conditions in the sector, and our members benefit from that.

Our activities strengthen and develope the sector according to the European and world standards. Therefore, we can conclude that Croatian Wood Cluster becomes stronger business organization, and with intense work and responsible business policy it takes prominent place on the national scene and among other similar associations.

SonjaSonja Ištvanić

She won a master’s in agribusiness and rural development at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Zagreb. Throughout her business career she has worked in administrative, accounting and project tasks, and has acquired additional skills in event management. She is the Executive Secretary of the Croatian Wood Cluster and also performs administrative work for the Association of manufacturers of pellets, briquettes, wood biomass and the Association of Parquet Layers