Informal Meetings

The cluster regularly encourages various forms of cooperation between its members

The business world of the 21st century is more complex than ever. The rapid flow of information and new communication channels have partially contributed to this. For this reason, the importance of informal meetings has been growing and many business ideas, especially proposals for cooperation, occur at such meetings and are complementary to formal business everyday life.

Famous world experts in clusters, like Michael Porter from Harvard University, believe that the success of a cluster can be measured by the level of cooperation among its members, both in the form of formal cooperation or joint marketing activities and in informal versions that help in the exchange of experience, identifying operational problems or simply leading to better mutual acquaintance of the member-companies.

Informal meetings

Due to various Cluster activities, especially due to the different profiles of its members, informal meetings are organized very often during the year, usually during sectoral events. These are great opportunities for getting together, exchanging news and talking about business ideas away from the everyday stressful environment.