Agreements on Cooperation

Achieving an even better networking Cluster

Forestry and the wood industry in all the countries of South Eastern Europe play an important role in the national economies, in local and regional development, and they actively contribute to the strengthening of the international competitiveness of these countries with their high share of exports.

In recent years the operators of the sector such as professional associations, clusters, universities and institutes are increasingly interconnecting, creating a multitude of initiatives for projects at regional and European levels. Without a doubt, the continuity of similar activities creates a strong regional network of knowledge, experience and sector activities focused on the implementation of design and innovation in the industry, on environmental issues, the promotion of wood as architectural material, energy saving, energy efficiency and the operational networking of companies in the timber industry, forestry and related sectors.

In order to improve the current situation, the Cluster has signed agreements with partner organizations in Central and Southeastern Europe:

  • Holzcluster Steiermark
  • Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Serbian Agency for Wood
  • Slovenian Wood Industry Cluster


Višnja Jurnjak
Project manager
Holzcluster Steiermark

Future activities and mutual cooperation will be based on mutual interests aimed at the development of the sector in SEE countries, including the expansion of all forms of previous campaigns, expansion of education and improvement of cooperation in the field of regional and rural development, as well as the exchange of experiences of scientific research institutions in the sector.



Bernard Likar
Project manager
Slovenian Wood Industry Cluster

The programme of cooperation will also include projects for new technology as well as for energy efficiency, the aim being to save energy and the use renewable energy from wood and forests. Operational cooperation among various activities will contribute to a stronger connection between European and national projects, and we are capable of operationally implementing various project activities and coordinating such implementation.