Wood processing in the context of sustainable rural development

Monday, 10 August 2015 / Published in Planned Activities

The Cluster supports the idea that the Croatian Rural Development Program should contain as many measures as possible associated with forestry, wood processing and energy from wood, and to promote those measures among sector companies in order to ensure better utilization of available funds from
European sources.

Forestry and the wood processing sector are of crucial importance for the development of many rural areas. In some cases, it is the only branch of the economy able to provide long-term growth based on a sustainable raw material. It is necessary to find solutions for many challenges related to climate and environmental
change problems, and educate people about the importance of the green economy. In the general public and the media there is a wide perception that deforestation disrupts the ecological balance. The supporting institutions, such as agencies or sectoral clusters, should effectively communicate with the media and the general public about responsible forest management and how wood processing is environmentally neutral.


A great deal of attention should be focused on environmental protection in wood processing, and the provisions of the new EU Forestry Strategy. Since member states have remained responsible for and in control of forestry policies, a great support from Croatian Parliament and the Government to the sector is expected. It is necessary to implement policies that will contain complete and balanced economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable forestry that must complement the processing industry, that is, wood processing and related forest-based industries.