Saturday, 27 February 2016 / Published in Planned Activities

ADRIATIC WOOD DAYS will be held from October 4th to 9th 2015 in Mlini near Dubrovnik. During six days organizers expect more than 500 participants associated with the wood processing industry and forestry from Croatia, the SEE region and Europe. Adriatic Wood Days (AWD) covers six thematically linked conferences with different programs. It is a central gathering of the wood sector and includes the following thematic conferences:

  • International Conference of Development and Modernization of Production – RIM 2015
  • Conference on Marketing in the Wood Industry and Forestry
  • Conference on Globalization of Energy from Wood
  • Conference on the Timber and Wood Products Sale
  • Conference on the Furniture Design
  • WoodEMA – Conference on the Challenges in the Wood Processing Sector and Furniture Production in the World Market
  • The aim of AWD is a six-day intensive interaction of all participants who will discuss current issues in the above mentioned areas.


104_atif-hodzicProf. Atif Hodzic, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the
University of Bihac

At the jubilee 10th International Conference of the Development and Modernization of Production – RIM 2015, we expect large number of participants and related scientific papers, both from Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighbouring countries, as well as from Switzerland, Russia and EU member states.


104_SupinProf. Mikulas Supin, PhD
WoodEMA President, Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology, Technical University in Zvolen

The organization of the annual scientific conference WoodEMA during AWD in Dubrovnik means for the participants great opportunities for new contacts in the scientific segment, but also it is a great opportunity to communicate with companies, the government sector, NGOs and the forestry sector in the region, Europe and around the world.