Improving timber products sales model

Saturday, 27 February 2016 / Published in Planned Activities

In order to achieve the desired progress in the field of the dynamics and quality of raw materials, it is necessary clearly and precisely to articulate proposals and periodically hold Cluster leadership working meetings with the Minister of Agriculture and the Chairman of the Board of Croatian Forests. Topics include the general situation in the wood processing sector and details of raw material issues, and analysis of the existing sales model. The Cluster is committed to improving the list of final products and correcting any illogicalities that may appear. Official proposals will be sent to the Ministry and the efforts to improve the existing raw models will be continued.

Taking care of small wood processors in rural areas

Taking into account the small wood processors in rural areas Sawmills are feeling the shortage of raw materials, since the state-owned forestry enterprises, which are the main supplier, cannot obtain sufficient quantities of raw materials. Only a small part of the timber comes from the private forests, and that area is completely unregulated.


Josip Korenic
Owner, Korenic Sawmill

Keeping a small or medium-sized family sawmill is becoming less popular, because the state and the forestry strategy are advocating the production of complex final wood products, and such production receives additional rebates and stronger support from government bodies and has a clear advantage over the primary processing.



Andrija Gotovac
Technical Director, Ciprijanovic Ltd.

Those companies that manufacture products of high added value and which operate in areas with difficult business conditions need to be in the foreground, and the processing of wood is mainly located in rural areas.