Friday, 26 February 2016 / Published in Planned Activities

Developments in the price of wood and wood products at the end of last year and early this year in world markets reflect the dynamic changes from previous years, but this will not inhibit the Cluster and the Association of Pellet Producers from proposing new legislation. The biggest job ahead of us is lobbying about the Law on RES, and on the inclusion of activities related to biomass collection in the measures provided for rural development. One of the priorities is also the planting of energy forests and the development of recycling yards for the collection of wood residues.

Spacva planted 4 ha of energy forest plants

The Spacva Company, a wood processing company from Vinkovci, will this spring on 4 ha plant over 3500 seedlings of the fast-growing energy crop Paulownia, a tree species that is native to China. Spacva has been producing pellets for years. We want to provide additional raw material, and also to contribute to energy efficiency projects and sustainable forest management in Croatia, said a member of the Management Board, Ante Rados.


Ante Rados, Board member, Spacva Inc.

Thereare more than 120,000 seedlings of Paulownia on Croatian fields today. Spacva consults with international and local scientists and experts for energy crops regarding planting and raising crops.