Cluster has initiated and financed the first sector CO2 certificate

Monday, 10 August 2015 / Published in Planned Activities

The New Forestry Strategy and other industry policies encourage member states to develop measures aiming to make better use of the potential of employment which this sector has, to improve the skills of workers in the sector and to improve working conditions. One of the most important elements of sectoral education and communication with the public is highlighting the need for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

In order to achieve this aim, schemes that emphasize sustainable forest management have been developed, and lately CO2 quota trading. Education is important for understanding the challenges facing the sector, and one of the main tasks of the Cluster is focused on sector education. The Cluster has also introduced and brought CO2 certification to Croatia.

In order to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary to carry out reciprocal technical measures in sustainable forestry, which must be accredited by the competent authorities on a global scale. These quotas or rights are traded internationally.

roman_dankoSTATEMENT: Roman Danko, Geonatura Group – co2cut

The Cluster initiated and funded the Carbon Neutrality Certificate for the Ambienta fair of 2014, and another sponsor was the Geonatura group, which is also a member of the Cluster.