Cluster prepares R & D conference in Brussels 30 / 31.01.2018.

Monday, 08 January 2018 / Published in Announcements, Calendar, Events & Networking, Planned Activities

On 30th-31st January 2018 a conference on R&D in Southeast European countries will be organized in order to encourage the economy growth and development projects. The Southeast European countries have a great potential in terms of innovations, however, there is a lack of communication and collaboration models between public, R&D, and business sector. Also, there is a big gap between implementation of the scientific and research results and society in whole. During this two-day conference, which will be organized in the Hotel Thon Brussels City Centre and European Parliament, the keynote speakers will present a new perspective and answers related to the strengthening of the innovation activities through promotion and commercialization of the innovations and EU funding. Among the keynote speakers are Ms. Ivana Maletic/MEP Croatia, also a host of the Conference in the EP, Mr. Lambert van Nistelrooij/MEP NetherlandMr. Jan Olbrycht/MEP Poland, Ms. Karen Dalgaard Sanning/EC – DG ENVIRobert Schröder/EC – DG Research and Innovation, Office of the commissioner Carlos Moedas. In addition to the Conference, study visits of the best R&D examples in the practices in Belgium (Flanders and the Wallon Region) will be organized. More information and participation possibilities available at  [email protected]