Press Conference: Forests and Climate Change, Cascading Use of Wood and Bark Beetle Occurrence

The press conference in the presence of Marijana Petir, MEP, Marijan Kavran, director of the Croatian Wood Cluster and Ivica Tikvić, professor at the Faculty of Forestry will be held  on Monday, September 19th, at 11 am in the Westin Hotel. In the introduction Croatian MEP Marijana Petir will present her standpoints regarding better evaluation of the forests in Croatia in relation to European policies to mitigate climate changes. The study on cascading use of wood, created as a product of the European sustainability policies, will also be presented at the press conference. Promotion of the cascading use of wood, which has been discussed for years, in July 2016 received a formal framework in the form of aforementioned European Commission’s Study. A number of sectoral associations and authorities are analyzing its contents these days. There are no reliable predictions of this study’s influence on the future development of the sector, nor concrete measures and activities that will be conducted in the wood processing industry. Local topics will be discussed at the conference as well. The occurance of  bark beetle in Gorski Kotar is a significant problem, since experts warn that there is a risk of the destruction and devastation of the pine forest. Estimates suggest that bark beetle could endanger about 30 percent of all forests in the most forested Croatian region.  This problem demands an urgent action of relevant national institutions, with the help of competent European bodies. More at: