FORESDA – Transnational Strategy on Boosting the Regional Innovation Systems Released with Clear Priority: More Innovation within Forest-based Sectors

Monday, 12 February 2018 / Published in Projects

As planned within FORESDA project (Interreg Danube Programme) project, the Transnational Strategy on the fostering of cross-sectoral, transnational innovation and strengthening of ecosystems is released in the end of December 2017.

The Strategy lays out the plan that should open up, broaden and contribute to the further development of the forest-based sectors’ (FBIs) research innovation system, and in particular develop new sources of innovation and strengthen the networking capability of the participating actors and organizations.

The expected impacts of the Transnational Strategy go beyond a period of five years because of the planned transferability and durability of the project outputs, which is especially emphasized through the Local Action Plans (LAPs) for improved technology transfer and innovation processes in SMEs of the forest-based sector defined for each project region, which should be in coherence with the Transnational Strategy, then the LAPs will be defined for the duration of the project, with clear operational objectives.

The Strategy is developed in the process of project activities, and based on the results of the regional mapping, and surveys done within FORESDA project partners’ regions. The system gaps are grouped into four thematic sections and are selected as priority areas for the Strategy implementation, as well as for the development of the LAPs: “Policy & Legislative Support”, “Image & Lobbying”, “Funding & Business Environment”, and “Education & Human Resources”. The results of the conducted surveys among FBI and RIS representatives show that the three biggest challenges to overcome in implementing more innovations in the business are in all project countries related to the lack of direct state funding programmes, lack of experts and skilled workforce as well as to the lack of internal financial means of the companies. More to come soon!