Overview of bilateral cooperation

Sunday, 09 August 2015 / Published in Events & Networking

Overview of bilateral cooperation for 2013 / 2014 / 2015.

Date Subject Theme
09.02.2013 Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb Investor delegation visit to Croatian furniture industry
01.15.2014 EWD, Weinig, Fill, Turboden, Möhringer, etc. Contacts with technology suppliers regarding favorable offers of machinery and equipment for Cluster members
02.05.2014 Prof. Stanko Ursic, Ph.D., Zagreb Discussion on biomass and possible collaboration around fast-growing tree species such as the exploitation of Chinese paulownia
02.16.2014 Technical Faculty, University in Bihac, Bihac (BIH) The establishment of cooperation in the field of wood products design
03.06.2014 Ministry of Agriculture of Republika
Srpska, Banja Luka (BIH)
Cooperation related to regional projects, biomass and private forests mana- gement
03.10.2014 Assembly of AP Vojvodina, Novi Sad
Exchanging the best practices on the use of new-generation biomass, with emphasis on using forest and agricultural residue
03.11.2014 Ministry of Agriculture of Republic
Serbia, Belgrade (SRB)
Participation in projects related to promotion of greater use of wood in SEE
03.20.2014 Croatian Chamber of Agriculture, Zagreb Possibilities on common lobbying in Brussels through EU association COPA- COGECA
03.25.2014 Hrvoje Pozar Institute, Zagreb Cooperation on ongoing and future EU projects
04.02.2014 City of Lepoglava Support to Center of Competence for wood processing industry and agree- ment on possible forms of cooperation
05.06.2014 City of Lipik Development of concept for the establishment of wood processing zones in
05.06.2014 Wine festival, Zagreb The exchange of market information on the need to organize additional pro- duction of oak barrels for the needs of European and overseas markets
05.14.2014 UGO Group, Zagreb Possibilities of buying furniture of Cluster members for hotels within the UGO
06.05.2014 HUP, Zagreb Establishment of cooperation with potential suppliers of hotel furniture from the wood processing industry
07.22.2014 FinvestCorp, Cabar Regulation of previous business, future cooperation and exploring new pro- duction projects in the area of Gorski Kotar
07.30.2014 Political party Orah, Zagreb Request for comments on thenew forest policy
08.27.2014 PEFC, Geneva (CH) Possibilities for the establishment of PEFC schemes in Croatia
09.02.2014 Croatian Forestry Institute, Jastrebarsko Possibilities for partnership in EU projects and cooperation through EFI
09.19.2014 CO2 Cut, London (UK) Cooperation on projects on reduction of CO2 emissions and CO2 certification
10.07.2014 SGS Croatia, Zagreb Quality control of imported goods and opportunities for collaboration with members of the Cluster regarding certification
11.16.2014 Slovenian Forestry Institute, Ljubljana
Exchanging Croatian and Slovenian experiences regarding collection and attracting of forest biomass
Energetika Ljubljana, Ljubljana (SLO) Exchange of information about biomass markets in SEE
11.18.2014 TÜV Croatia, Slavonski Brod Options for cooperation with Cluster members regarding certification
11.12.2014 REGEA, North-west Croatia Regional
Energy Agency, Zagreb
Cooperation regarding greater promotion of pellets, biomass and other forms of renewable energy
11.24.2014 Eko Slavonija, Vinkovci Exchange of viewpoints about EU projects related to environmental protecti- on in wood processing
12.02.2014 Embassy of Republic of Slovakia in
Croatia, Zagreb
About investor interests in projects related to biomass
01.23.2015 Croatian Designers Society Cooperation on EU projects, the implementation of design in the wood proce- ssing industry and common organization of professional events
02.23.2015 Municipality of Sunja Creating a concept of collecting forest biomass and employment in rural are- as
03.09.2015 Ruder Boskovic Institute, Zagreb Cooperation on EU projects for increasing use of nanotechnology in wood processing
03.10.2015 Serbian Forests, Belgrade (SRB) Meeting with the new Director-General about future cooperation
03.18.2015 Chair District, Udine (IT) Exchange of information about possible partnership on EU projects and favo- ring the use of certified wood
03.24.2015 Embassy Of The People’s Republic Of China In The Republic Of Croatia, Zagreb Regarding imports of beech and oak products to Asia