Expert studies: Members get more

Sunday, 09 August 2015 / Published in Events & Networking

The more than ten years of experience of professional services and external associates of the Cluster, regular contacts with a number of national, regional, European and international sectoral institutions, as well as with the representatives of state administration, represent a foundation for the preparation of high quality professional thematic studies.

The Croatian Wood Cluster prepares custom-made studies for its members, non-members, and, very often, for representatives of state institutions or international organizations.

On the one hand, the studies help clients who are producers in their efforts to establish themselves in new markets, and allow them access to key market information. On the other hand, institutional clients require precise sectoral analyses and reports about developments on the market. Studies and reports contain information about foreign markets, statistics, trend forecasts and data on prices.

Available studies


The study gives an overview of trends in the global market and follows the activities of the leading Croatian
manufacturers of wooden windows, which have been making great efforts to get into new export markets, implementing a high level of production and innovation. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to conduct
a study, analyzing the global market for windows. It confirmed that wooden windows remain a product much
in demand in the higher price niche, which increases the value of local timber several times. This places wooden
windows at the topof the line in most markets, mainly for customers who want the best quality windows.


The aim of the study was to inform the general public in Croatia which is still not sufficiently aware of the potential, benefits and the possibilities of using renewable energy and whose knowledge and understanding
of heating with pellets is almost negligible.