Cluster writes to the Prime Minister and relevant ministers. Proposed measures for further development of the forest-based industries

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 / Published in Events & Networking

Croatian Wood Cluster has developed a proposal for measures to Prime Minister Oreskovic in which appeals to the Government to determine the forest-based industries as a strategic area in which to apply relevant European policies and circular economy principles. Cluster commented on the contribution of past government policies, but it considers that the key measures and policies that ensure long-term sector competitiveness has lacked. Wood processing and furniture production belong to the most promising industries in the Republic of Croatia, together with forestry. This sector has great development potential, since it contains all the elements of the leading European development policies. Predicted measures do not include any new appropriations, but only redistribution of existing resources or improvements related to public procurement procedures. Realization of these proposed measures, with Government’s support, would provide multiplied effects in terms of increased tax revenues, investment growth, strengthening human resources and strengthening international competitiveness. Such positive and multiplicative effect fits the new government’s announced policies (rural development, cohesion policy, bio-economy, etc.) and is unique compared to other industrial sectors in Croatia.