Sunday, 09 August 2015 / Published in Events & Networking

In order to distribute information about the activities of the Cluster and the sectoral events to the target groups, apart from the above mentioned communication channels, various web platforms are besides other communication tools. The Cluster has chosen a multiple access with several separate websites that are thematically related to certain events or campaigns.

Due to the complexity of our projects, as well as the need to specifically inform the members and partners about our activities, campaigns and conferences must be handled through their own websites.

On the other hand, in the last ten years, the website of the Wood & Furniture magazine has been a central source of information for representatives of the sector, as well as for the media which often convey our published news. More than 670,000 visits on the mentioned website confirms its relevance and good structure, but at the same time, it sets a precedent for a sectoral site that offers news not for a wider social levels but for professional groups.

Webpage Number of sessions Number of users Page views Pages per session Duration of visit (minutes) 5,927 4,927 12,860 2,17 00:01:19 2,115 1,780 5,836 2,76 00:02:12 2,723 2,108 6,121 2,25 00:01:59 3,319 2,615 7,445 2,24 00:01:47 2,458 1,773 6,263 2,55 00:02:22 1,175 6,193 15,008 2,09 00:01:58