12th Wood-Technology Conference, Opatija

Wednesday, 03 June 2015 / Published in Events & Networking


The crisis has significantly affected the entire wood processing sector in South East Europe and the business of many companies, leading to many changes on the market. The situation in Croatia has deteriorated because of the abolition of sectoral funding.
Cooperation among sector companies in SEE countries is beginning to grow, but institutional networking still hasn’t resulted in relevant projects capable of competing at the EU level.

Despite numerous limitations in this industry, there is still a positive flow of investment that has led to significant developmental projects and business ventures suitable for countries with developed forestry and wood processing. Sectoral strategies unfortunately do not take into account the above facts and
export performance.

After Croatian accessin to the EU, a huge market for Croatian wood processing companies opened up, and the same is true for many partners in the SEE region. It is an opportunity that can make complex procedures of legislation and necessary technological adjustments easier and can also strengthen the
potential to attract European funds.

Sector companies continue to lead the proactive business and marketing policy and generate strong growth potential in order to ensure competitiveness in the global market, which in recent years has undergone significant changes.

Foreign investors are showing notable interest in the realization of serious investment in the wood processing sector, especially in the production of energy from wood. Most projects are based on expectations of large quantities of raw materials, of which there is already a deficit. Raw materials resulting from
the natural disaster of icing should be introduced to the market with caution.


The main objective of the visit was to offer to participants of the Conference an insight into the situation on the field, but also to determine the current level of wood processing companies for launching R&D projects and for intensive cooperation with universities and research institutions.

More than 70 participants visited the Forest Administration of Croatian Forests Ltd. in Delnice in order to get a glimpse of the damage from ice and floods in 2013. It is estimated that the reconstruction of these forests, due to biological processes in nature, will take up to the next 30 years, said Srecko Petranovic, manager of the Forest Administration, and total recovery of these catastrophic losses will be expensive and long.

12th_wtc_opatija_03 12th_wtc_opatija_02

After visiting the forest areas, the delegation visited the company Drvenjaca in Fuzine. Tour of production plant was organized with the expert guidance of Drvenjaca Inc. CEO, Ivan Liker, Ph.D.

The mission of the company is use of pulpwood from coniferous forests, and it’s use in the production of multi-layer cardboard. Some participants for the first time got a glimpse of where is produced a raw materials for the items that we use every day, like box for food, medicines, perfumes etc.

The third visit was to the modern equipped and computerized factory Lokve Inc. which produces windows and doors. As a confirmation of the success, the company Lokve possesses several international awards for quality products. Director and owner Frannjo Mihelcic emphasized the importance of continuous
investment in new technologies, innovation and marketing on international markets. Last visit included the company Energy Pellets in Delnice which is one of the national leaders in the pellet production and is also the winner of numerous international awards, prizes and certificates.