Wood-Energy Conference: Biomass is the Key of Energy Transition

Tuesday, 05 March 2019 / Published in Activities, Events & Networking

Biomass has the potential to be the main energy source in decarbonization of the entire energy supply system, is one of the key messages sent from the 9th International Wood-Energy Conference on Biomass and Renewable Energy Sources held in Zagreb, on Monday Feb 25th. Croatia is moving towards the energy transition and big expectations are put on biomass.

The dynamic and interactive conference was attended by over 250 participants, government representatives, MEPs, industry and European associations. Assistant Minister of Environment and Energy Domagoj Validžić announced the new energy policies of Croatia until 2030. Last year the Ministry has revised the key regulations on energy system, and even more is expected during the following years in order to stabilize the investment climate in RES sector. Energy transition is already happening, and renewable energy sources are no longer the result of enthusiasm, but imperative, is one of the main conclusions.

Croatian Biomass Association (CROBIOM) president Davor Zec emphasized the importance of forest-based industries, especially the energy use of wood for balanced and sustainable development of rural areas. Considering the raising demand for energy wood, Croatian Forests, the main raw material supplier, are investing in new technologies in order to mobilize additional quantities of biomass. Additional range of 500,000 to 1 million cubic meters of biomass is available for energy production, said Krunoslav Jakupčić, Croatian Forests CEO.

Political and expert debates in Brussels also confirm that it is important to consider and analyze the sustainability of bioenergy supply chains. The Bioenergy Europe president Hannes Tuhinniitty, announced the introduction of a new Good Chips® standardization scheme for wood chips which is expected to bring more transparency and order on the market.

The conference was organized by the CROBIOM and the Croatian Wood Cluster. The associations are a common voice of the forest-based industries sector in Croatia, contributing to greater visibility, better market conditions and the greater use of RES in the country.