The last nine months have been among the worst and most uncertain periods in our lives and careers. Due to the corona crisis, there were serious setbacks in the global and local markets, and in the first half of the year there was a significant statistical stagnation and difficult operations of most companies, either due

Anouncment for the members

Friday, 11 September 2020

We invite all members of CROATIAN WOOD CLUSTER to attend the session of the General and Electoral Assembly to be held on 25.09.2020. starting at 10.00 in Slavonski Brod (KKD I.B. Mažuranić). Invitations and materials were sent to all members with prior notice.

On the 25th of September 2020, we look forward to meet you in Slavonski Brod (Croatia). More than 200 participants, representatives of the sawmill industry and forestry, leading European sawmill technology suppliers, as well as relevant institutions, local government units, trade unions and the media will come together to discuss common challenges and build sustainable

Project FOREST

Wednesday, 08 July 2020

Project FOREST replies to the fragmentation of competences in forestry management at national and international levels, by giving rise to debate around the possibility to create a standard level of competences and skills of forestry workers and promoting innovation and professionalism by joint actions and initiatives. Debates will be channelled into three levels: technical concerning

At the end of the last year Croatian wood processing sector faced stagnation and a slight decline, and the warm winter and the coronavirus outbreak caused even greater problems and accelerated the upcoming crisis. Therefore, Croatian Wood Cluster conducted a sectoral survey on the current state, forecasts for the coming period and future steps of