Wood Biomass in Focus: 56 MW of CHPs Installed in Croatia

Thursday, 21 February 2019 / Published in Activities, Media Corner, Press Releases

Croatian biomass sector stakeholders are still unsatisfied with the position of biomass in the energy policies of the Republic of Croatia, although a major step forward in the energy transition has been achieved in the last decade.

More than 1,300 eligible producers have been using electricity production incentives in the year 2017 in the amount of more than EUR 258 million. Out of the total 1,100 MW approved, 120 MW refers to biomass CHPs. Until today in Croatia have been constructed biomass CHPs with a total power of 56 MW.

The 9th International Wood-Energy Conference will be held in Zagreb on Monday 25/2 to discuss the issue of quota, the availability of wood biomass for cogeneration plants and the harmonization of national regulations with the REDII directive. Among key speakers from Bioenergy Europe are Hannes Tuohiniitty, President and Allesia Gaetani. Participation of Croatian government, ministries and major raw material suppliers is expected, as well as the world leading technology producers.