Croatia celebrated Bioenergy day with numerous activities on 25th October!

Monday, 29 October 2018 / Published in Activities, Calendar, Held

Considering the promotion and better understanding of renewable energy sources and the role of bioenergy, European lobbying association Bioenergy Europe started a promotional campaign last year in 20 European countries, with a goal of establishing a tradition of celebrating the European Bioenergy Day. As a full member of Bioenergy Europe, Croatian Biomass Association CROBIOM joined the campaign, along with many national and international partners across Europe, marking the Croatian Bioenergy Day on 25th October.

On this occasion on 25th October Croatian media promoted the use of RES and their benefits for human and the environment. Also, Croatian Forests Ltd organized a demonstration in Radinje to show technologies for shredding energy wood. On this opportunity Croatian Forests announced a series of new investments in forestry equipment and technology to mobilize additional quantities of wood , which would reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports and achieve significant financial savings of budget resources.

At the end of the day, in Zagreb was held a roundtable on biogas and biomass status in energy strategies of the Republic of Croatia as the central activity of the Croatian Bioenergy Day with the aim of raising awareness of the position of bioenergy in the national energy strategy and raising awareness of the need for greater institutional and social support.