Entering the Industrial Strategy is a big boost for the sector to work even better, to strengthen its domestic and international competitiveness and to meet the required criteria and objectives set out in the Strategy. In recent years, and especially during 2014, sectoral indicators have been truly encouraging. The wood industry has achieved a growth in exports 21 percent over

The lobbying activities of the wood processing sector and forestry in Croatia were very intense last year. From this point of view, the Cluster was one of the most active operators in the field. Following a thematic session of the Croatian Parliament, the wood industry launched a series of initiatives and events that drew the attention of politicians and decision makers to crucial

Here are the following proposals of measures that the Croatian Wood Cluster has repeatedly emphasized: 1. Substitution of vertical supports by new programs intended for the wood industry; It is necessary to implement special programs for the wood industry: Energy effi ciency of wooden products / windows and pellets as a means of incentives; Support for the timber industry